Bats live in a dimension adjacent to Earth. Their technologies and chronology coincide with ours, and they call themselves the same people. They are the dominant species on their Earth. They are practically no different from humans, they are given out by their ears and pointed fangs (not to be confused with vampires, they are not like that). In their world, the process of evolution and development of technology went a different way. They have learned to use the Energy of the World, with the help of Magic. Magic is the programming of reality, changing the properties of objects, creating new objects, and so on. It is directly related to physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, it is the same science. With the help of the Energy of the World, the Mice have learned to power cities with electricity, all electronics work on this energy. Their calendar coincides with ours. They even call themselves humans. Their technologies are very similar to ours.
They have no states, no wars. Therefore, they speak the same language - Latin. Once upon a time they visited our Earth and taught the ancient Romans Latin. Presumably the Roman gods were also Bats. But all records of this are lost on both worlds. Bats have learned to live in peace with each other and vent their aggression in a different way. They put up magical battles. These battles are the most popular sport, hundreds and thousands of competitions are held every year.
On March 28, 2048, a portal opens somewhere on the territory of the former ancient Rome. Scientists find it and begin their research. The Earth Defense Force takes control of this research and is led by Charles Stein.
On June 9, 2048, he decides to send a reconnaissance detachment to this "new" world. Lieutenant Michael Savage was placed at the head of the detachment. People saw a threat in these creatures, and the EDF decide to completely destroy the Bat race and capture them with technologies to control the Energy of the World. For almost 4 years, they have been collecting information about this new world and on May 25, 2052, an attack occurs on a neighboring dimension.

Main characters

  • Alistair
  • Nika
  • Den

Evil characters

  • Charles Stein
  • Michael Savage


The comics are part of the Bat Legends metaverse. Pages are updated in real time. The plot of the comic = the plot of the game. After the release of the game, you will be able to become a part of this wonderful story.

Bat Legends - VOL. 1

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